St. Bernard's

St. Bernard at Charley Creek, a mission of Sidney, is the result of dedication and efforts of Gertrude A. Schmitz, a mother from Wisconsin. Her concern was that her sons, Joseph, Anton, and Bernard who in 1910 homesteaded in the area, would not be far from a church.

 In 1921 ground was broken for the church and on July 6th, 1925 the church was dedicated by Bishop Lenihan. In 1925, Joseph and Gertrude Schmitz came to visit and brought to the church the stations of the Cross and a picture of St. Bernard. The altar was donated “In Memory of the Victims of the Mine Explosion at Sprangler, PA 1912”. In the same year, the cemetery ground was donated by John Noehl.

 St. Bernard is bless with members of many generations still attending. There are at present about 22 families in our parish. We are so thankful to be able to gather and worship still at our “little church on the prairie.” We thank God for this and for all those people who have made it possible.