St. Michael's

Beginning in 1910 a small group of Catholic families in Savage were served by the priest from Glendive. Five years later, in 1915, Savage was established as a mission of Glendive by Fr. Edward Curren and was named St. Michael's. Fr. Curren was resident pastor at St. Michael's for four months and then was transferred to Fort Benton. At this time St. Michael’s became a mission of Glendive, again until the church was closed in 1929 - 1950. 

 DSCN0001In 1950 the faithful of St. Michael’s with the help of the Extension Society, were successful in reopening the Church and it became an established mission of Sidney. In 1966 the mission of Lambert became a parish and and St. Michael’s along with Richey became missions of Lambert. In 1973 the shortage of priests began to hit our diocese and Lambert lost its resident priest and the parish and missions were served by a team ministry consisting of Fr. Harold Arbanas and Fr. Richard Osterman, both from Circle. Fr. Tony Schuster replaced Fr. Arbanas and served until 1980.

   In 1978 St. Michael’s, along with Lambert and Richey, once again became missions of Sidney. Fr. Ned Shinnick became paster in 1980. However, in 1987 Savage was assigned to be a mission of Glendive with Fr. Greg Staudinger as pastor. He was replaced by Fr. Robert Grosch and Fr. Pat Zabrocki in 1988. By the mid 1990’s St. Michael’s was once again made a mission of Sidney with Fr. Greg Staudinger as pastor and retired Fr. Ned Shinnick helping out.

   St. Michael’s has had many ‘face-lifts’ since the early 70’s. The main body of the church was refinished, including walls and new altar carpet in 1970. The basement kitchen was redone adding another sink and new cupboards along with painting and remodeling the old ones in 1974. In 1979 the entry was added and in 1980 the dining room was refinished and new furnaces were brought in. Re-shingling the roof took place in 1981. The painstaking job of refinishing the pews was done in 1986. The outside of the church was completely repainted in 1996 and in 2000 the roof was once again re-shingled.

   The oil movement of the 70’s and 80’s brought much needed growth to St. Michael's. But as the movement dwindled so did our new found growth. The remaining faithful continue to persevere to keep the faith alive at St. Michael's. Through the power of the Holy Spirit we will continue to grow in our faith and to love and serve the Lord and each other.