St. Theresa's

In the early days of the 1900’s there were few opportunities for Catholics in the Lambert area to go to church. The first Mass was said at Pete Prevost’s home in 1910 by Fr. Mahissier.  Thereafter, Mass was celebrated whenever a priest could come to various homes in the area. Eventually, services were held in either the Luchsinger or Baardson Halls every other Sunday, if the weather was favorable.

Finally, in 1915, the Lambert Church became a mission church of the Sidney parish and work was begun on a building. St Theresa’s Catholic Church was completed in 1917 and dedicated in 1918.

In June 1966, St Theresa’s became its own parish and Fr. O’Hanlon moved into the new rectory. In 1973, St. Theresa’s became a mission of Circle.

St. Theresa’s took over its own finances and business affairs in 1977. Jean Carda began serving the church as the coordinator in the mid 1980’s and served St. Theresa’s tirelessly up until her death in March, 2001.

A lighted grotto of the Vigin Mary was built in September, 1989 in memory of William and Jessie Mullin. It makes an attractive addition to the front lawn of the church for all to see day and night.